Welcome to Voice Lessons Seattle. I teach the world’s best vocal technique: technique that is cutting edge, time-honored, and tailored to the needs of each individual singer. My students sing everything from opera to Broadway...pop to gospel, and everything in between. The technique uses the absolute latest discoveries in vocal science with classic, time-tested tradition. Beautiful tone, power, control, and unique vocal style are cultivated in this studio. I invite you to challenge yourself, to find the joy and centeredness in singing, and to reach your full vocal potential. Jordan Corbin Wentworth

“Jordan has a very clear understanding of how the human voice works and how it should be used. She is a very well-rounded singer and teacher. While she knows more physiology and acoustics than most voice teachers, it is her practical knowledge that sets her apart. She has been able to both explain and demonstrate to me highly technical maneuvers that most teachers and singers can barely grasp.” - J. Franco, operatic tenor

"Jordan is an amazing teacher. I came to her with prior training and learned more from her than I have from any teacher I have experienced. She forces you to embody a work ethic that is both physical and emotional. She teaches you to connect with your vocals and to show the audience your potential, no matter what level or skill set you may have. In the first six months, she changed my pitch, strength, and control without me losing my own sound. She never imprints herself on you, she tries to make a better you. This is why I enjoyed every lesson I had with her. Anyone is lucky to have the opportunity to have been taught by her." - L. Christoper, contemporary singer

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